Inhale. Exhale.

You know what the problem is? People live in apathy rather than curiosity. Too un-trusting to confide in people, so they just make small talk. Too ignorant to believe their own knowledge. Too sarcastic to understand what it's like to be sincere, and most of all, too scared to live so they just exist...

Photography. ADTR. Tattoos. Piercings. Pokémon. Nintendo64. Gameboy. Singing. Cameras. Zelda. Etsy. Cats. Rats. Snes. Nes. Tim Minchin. Johnny Knoxville. Dubstep.


I would love to join the CSI to become a Photographer. Not gunna' lie, taking photos of dead bodies would be my perfect job.

I want to sail the ocean.
I want to travel the world.

Although, I want never gets.

It's all a mother fucking pipe dream.

Leave Luck To Heaven.

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